Zizzon Ingrown Toenail File And Lifter Double Sided Professional Surgical Grade

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  • Professional Ideal Tools - help you to leave away from the pain and discomfort caused by ingrown toenails, 100% professional medical stainless grade to guarantee safe sterilization issue.

  • Ingrown toenail lifter - Lift ingrown part away from the skin. Not only a lifter, also an amazing nail cleaner. Double curved ends are mirrors for both left and right foot. With little spoons on it curved end's that make it gets under even the closest toe nail to grab even the smallest bits of debris

  • Ingrown toenail file - This specially designed file relieves the pressure of ingrown toenail with one straight end and one curved end to meet different situations. File away painful ingrown edges. Prevent ingrown toenails from digging to the flesh.

  • Both lifter and file are 6.5 long with Non-slip grip texture body, super secure and easy to use. Using alcohol to wipe and clean tips then store in our storage case for the next use

  • ZIZZON offers premium quality ingrown toenail tools. All of our products with 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - 100% money refund, No questions asked and no hassles

Tips and Instructions
1. Soak your toenail in warm water for 10-15 minutes.
2. Wipe the lifter and file with alcohol.
3. Use straight end to file the ingrown corner to reduce its thickness.
4. Use lifter to lift up the sharp ingrown part away form flesh.
5. Use cured end file slide into lifted area to file inner surface.
6. File the outer surface with straight end.
7. Repeat until file away ingrown part and you feel relief.
8. Use ingrown toenail lifer to clean the debris.
9. Wipe the lifter and file with alcohol, dry and store it.