Wavebuilder Premium Stretch Durag For Smooth And Uniform Hair Waves, (Black)

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  • Maintains and promotes hair waves and cornrowed hairstyles

  • Long ties wrapped around the head for secure fit

  • Prevent losing hair while wearing helmets for extended periods

  • Prevent sweat and scalp oils which results in bad smell

  • Easy to wash, long lasting premium fabric material

  • Color : Black

WaveBuilder DuragFor maximum wave making potential
Many have adopted the notion that gaining an attractive wave pattern may be impossible, or that there is a secret procedure you must follow to attain perfect, spinning waves for your hair. Dedication to a grooming plan that involves strategic, regimented brushing methods and hair care practices is the only step between the hair you have now and the spinning wave look you desire.

The key to great waves is training!
Ensure good hair and scalp health: Hair types are not an issue but having healthy hair does help in speeding up the process
Get a haircut: You cannot expect to get great waves with hair as long as your arms
Get some supplies: Get a brush that rests close to your scalp when you brush, specialized shampoo and conditioner made to promote hair waves, hair moisturizing lotion, pomade and lastly WaveBuilder Durag which speeds up the process unlike regular durags
Maintain a training schedule: Follow a daily routine to train your hair in order to get the desired results, wearing the WaveBuilder Durag alone will get you where you want to be but it will be multiplied with the proper care your hair demands