Upgraded Soft Bonnet Hooded Hair Dryer Attachment W/ 10 Silicone Hair Curlers-Extra Large Adjustable Hood Bonnet With Extra Long Hose For Drying,Styling,Curling And Deep Conditioning All Hair Lengths

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  • EXTRA LARGE hood ensuring the capability to style, condition and dry; all hair lengths and thicknesses with room for curlers. With an Adjustable Drawstring and Chin strap to ensure cap stays In Place during Drying Session and allowing it to be child friendly. We also have a blow dryer safety strap ensuring the extra-long 41inch hose stays attached to the blow dryer. So you can multi-task Also ALLOWING IT TO FIT ALL BLOW DRYERS. Unlike our competitors.

  • EASY TO CLEAN: We use a PU Coated nylon making the bonnet waterproof, making it great for conditioning because it can be hand-washed afterwards. Using PU Coated Allowed us to create Even and Robust airflow and distribution; by strategically placing the holes. We Included a Zipper travel bag that Conveniently fits the bonnet and silicone curlers, so you can STYLE ON THE GO.

  • 10 SILICONE HAIR CURLERS INCLUDED: Getting perfectly curled hair has never been easier. Use Curlers when your hair is damp. Open the hair curlers, roll the hair you want and close it. Putting our Hair Bonnet over the curlers Turn up the heat, (Needing in about 15 minutes to dry) and you're done. Leaving you with perfectly curled hair. (can take longer than 15 minutes, depends on heat setting and hair wetness).

  • PROFESSIONALLY STYLED HAIR WHILE SAVING TIME AND MONEY: Saving Time and money has never been easier. With our hair bonnet you can save those mid-day trips to salon giving you more time to do all those never-ending errands. Our hair bonnet is also a onetime deal, meaning you will never have to pay those big bucks to the hair salon for your hair to be professionally styled again. And gives you the convenience of doing at your home.

  • DIY SPA DAY: Use Promo code: DIYSPADAY When you purchase 2 or more to receive an extra 10 percent off. Allowing you to invite some friends or family over and have a fun spa day all from the convince of your home. We also have a 30-day money back guarantee so you can give it a try risk free.

  • Color : BeSTr-Color-72

  • Size : Size-72


TheMBM Beauty Soft Hood Attachmentis made with waterproof materialmeant to stand thetest of time and many drying/conditioning sessions.

Thisadjustableextra-large bonnet hood allows you to adjust the fit aroundyour Head, hairstyle, and/or hair accessories (rollers, clips, flex rods, etc.). While our flexible, lightweight material makes it light on the head while still trapping the heat for effective drying and/or conditioning.

Ourwide hose sizeallows for arobust flow of warm airto your hair while you set, style, and condition.

The extra-long hose (greater than 3 feet) allows multi-taskingwhile you are under your hood.Your new favorite hood dryer attachment gives you consistent and even flow throughout the hood with evenly distributed hole openings in the hood for aconsistent, gentle flowjust like at the salon.

TheMBM Beauty Hood Attachmentwas designed for ultimatecomfort, flexibility, and functionalityfor almostany head size and any hair length or thickness.

Chin strapsattached to the head are to be used to prevent the bonnet from flying off your head.

Best used on the dryer'sLOW setting.

Hand washable.

Dryer not Included.


  • Deep conditioning treatments/ Conditioning Sessions
  • Wrap Sets
  • Roller Sets
  • Drying Extensions
  • Natural Hair
  • Long, thick, hair

Attaches to All Standard Hand-Held Dryers

Avoid the annoying slip off of the dryer with the opening of the hose lined with gripping silicone material. And a safety strap.