Tuberose Absolute Essential Oil, The Scent Is Absolutely Beautiful! 15 Ml (1/2 Oz) Size, With 3% Jojoba

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  • Size: 15 ml (1/2 oz), Tuberose Absolute with 3% Jojoba (See Full Product Description Below)

  • Origin: India

  • Tuberose has an absolutely beautiful floral scent, you will love this oil! Wear as a fragrance or add several drops to your diffuser to create a beautiful, uplifting ambiance in any environment.

  • Tuberose Absolute is blended with 3% of Jojoba oil, since in pure form its fragrance is excessively strong and overpowering.

  • Tip: Use to make your own deodorant or add few drops to your favorite hand lotion or a carrier oil and massage onto your skin for daily rejuvenation.

Common uses for Tuberose Essential Oil: It is commonly used to create a sensual mood, it has a very strong, intense, and intoxicating floral fragrance and when diffused fills the atmosphere with romance and builds an atmosphere of love. - Deodorant - This essential oil, which is world famous for its use in perfumes, certainly doesn't need any explanation about its function as a deodorant. The rich, intense, and long-lasting floral fragrance is an ideal choice for a deodorant, which is why it is so popular in countries with hot and humid climates, as they have to frequently deal with sweat and the resultant body odor. - Relaxing; The pleasant fragrance and various chemical components of this oil have relaxing effects and helps to reduce stress and uplift ones mood. More detailed information on this product is available on our website.