Ttowels Triple Blade Shaving Razor Disposable Shaver For Men And Women With Flexible Front End For Better Control

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  • CLOSE SHAVE: We bring you the best quality close shaver, Without getting that red itching after

  • MULTIPLE USES: Our shaver is disposable but its made to use multiple times without getting crowded.

  • FRONT BENDING: Our shaver is designed to get to places without pressure, The front of our shaver has a bending end to make sure to get to the right place without bending the actual front arm.

  • MULTI PACK: Our 12 pack gives you supply for a reasonable price & has your cabinet stocked.

  • SHAVER COVER: Our shaver comes with a plastic cover on each shaver for safety & cleanliness.

We at Ttowels are here to provide you with the highest quality items without breaking your wallet. This Razor is another example for our high end personal items. Triple razor 12 pack comes with a plastic cover for each Razor & a flexible front end for proper shaving.