Topstick Toupee Tape Clear Waterproof Strips | 100 Total (1/2 X 3 ) Extra Hold Wig Strips | Double Sided Grooming Adhesive For Fashion And Body

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  • CLEAR DOUBLE SIDED TAPE STRIPS (200 Total) - Holds wigs, toupees, hair pieces, wardrobes, weaving hair, home decors, & many other creative uses

  • BEST CHOICE FOR LONG TERM HOLD -this tried-and-true favorite will allow you to go longer between toupee or wig removal and re-application.

  • WATERPROOF - Hypo-allergenic high quality tape does not separate when removed

  • MULTIPLE USES - Wardrobe Essentials - Removable double sided fabric tape securely holds collars, cardigans, scarves, belts and more in place. Perfect size to hold accessories in place, skin and fabric friendly. Portable and convenient.

  • 100% GUARANTEED To Keeping Your Toupee or Wig in place while you dance up a sweat on the dance floor or even go for a swim.

  • Size : 1/2 X 3 And 1 X 3

1 X 3 TOPSTICK $ 1/2 X 3 TOPSTICK clear, double-sided, medical adhesive tape strips are used to
hold hairpieces to the scalp. (100 of each size; 200 Toupee Strips Total

Hypo-allergenic, waterproof, high quality tape does not separate when removed.

The back liner is slit for easy opening.

Apply tape to the tape tab or perimeter of hairpiece.

Can be applied to the entire hairpiece, toupee, or wig interior for a secure hold.

Other uses:
Wedding Day Essentials - don't leave home without it.
Stop boob gap by safely securing blouse
Quiet fabric rustling when hiding the microphone or lav under clothing
Secure hearing aid in place

Rock your wig and your eyebrows with this professional wig tape and Bonus Eyebrow Stencil set.

100% Guaranteed - Add to Cart Today And Never Have To Worry About Feeling Insecure Again