The Mane Velvet Durag Xl Straps For 360 Waves Men Durag All Colors

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  • Triple Stitch Seams! - Won't rip while putting on like similar cheap durags on the market.

  • Luxurious Silky Velvet Fabric! - Silky inside soft Velvet outside and very Stylish.

  • Extra Long Straps and Tail! - double wrap with long and wide straps for extra Hold and Compression.

  • Comfortable One Size Fit All! - Perfect hair coverage, not too small or too big. Washable and Durable.

  • Multiple Color Options! - Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple and Pink.

  • Color : Yellow

  • Size : One Size Fits All

Benefits of Durags Though the Durag (doo rag) may have garnered a negative connotation as popularized through the media, it serves a number of traditional functions regarding hair. Keeping sweat out of the eyes, creating a finished look, keeping hair in place and creating the appearance of waves in naturally curly hair. For Men, using a good wave brush, oils or pomades can moisturize and style your hair especially after hair is freshly cut. Wearing a Durag after implementing these technique causes curly hair to form a wave pattern. The tightening of the fabric around the hair is what causes this effect and to some, the results are a sign of healthy hair. Also, it can and recommended being worn while sleeping or working to ensure that hair stays in place or sweat does not drip into the eyes. For Women, who choose to get braids can tie a Durag over their hair to keep braids together. Also, it can be used to wrap permed hair before bed, to ensure that when it is off your hair will stay in place neatly and keep you looking like you just step out the Beauty Salon or Barbershop for weeks!!!