Tao Clean Aura Clean Orbital Facial Cleansing Brush Exfoliator Replacement Head

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  • Hygienically sealed replacement brush head to be used exclusively with TAO Clean Orbital Facial Brush

  • The spinning bristles offer a deep exfoliating cleanse once a week at most

  • The TAO Clean Orbital Facial Brush Exfoliator Replacement Head instantly upgrades your favorite cleanser or exfoliator to provide a deep cleanse that will slough off dull, dead skin cells and reveal the healthy glowing skin underneath

  • Easy to sanitize and dry just by docking in the TAO Clean Base Station.

  • Also includes one Clam Case for travel/storage.

The TAO Clean Orbital Facial Brush Exfoliator Head should be used just once weekly as part of a regular skincare routine for a healthy glowing complexion. It can be used with either the Super Clean or Sensitive Clean mode, depending on your skin type, and can also be used with your favorite cleanser or exfoliator. It should be replaced every three months.

Your brush heads are easily sanitized, dried, and protected from environmental germs in the multi-purpose TAO Clean Base Station once you dock your damp brush. The unique enclosed 360-degree TAO Clean Halo uses powerful UVC rays to kill 99.9% of bacteria, and then the built-in dryer silently wicks away any moisture from the brush to ensure that germs dont stand a chance. After all, whats the point of using a fabulous brush to cleanse your face if youre not going to keep the brush itself clean?

How to Use:

Connect the TAO Clean Orbital Facial Brush Exfoliator Brush Head to the TAO Clean Orbital Facial Brush handle and dampen it. Apply a small amount of product to the product well in the center of the brush head, gently press the bristles flat to the surface of your skin, and press the Power button. To change from the default Super Clean Mode to Sensitive Clean Mode, press the smaller button above Power once. Using the face chart included with your instruction manual, cleanse your face per the three zones by slowly moving the brush across your skin and letting the bristles do the work; when the TAO Clean Orbital Facial Brush pauses, its time to move to the next zone. Make sure to cleanse your forehead last to avoid cleanser or exfoliator dripping into your eyes! Rinse your brush and dock in the TAO Clean Base Station. Rinse your face and pat dry.

To Charge, Clean and Dry Your Brush:

Once you dock your brush handle in the TAO Clean Base Station (brush side down), the cleaning and drying cycle will automatically begin. While the cleaning cycle is happening, the LED light on the side of the base will turn from white to blue and pulse. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, it will turn back to solid white. The drying cycle will continue for several hours until all the water has been removed from the brush head. Your brush will also charge while it is sitting in the dock, provided that the dock is connected to a power source.

Caring for the TAO Clean Orbital Facial Brush Exfoliator Replacement Head:

Always rinse the brush head and bristles after each use. If the bristles are stained or discolored from your makeup, you can clean them with soap and water. Do not use exfoliators with large or jagged particles (walnuts, shells, etc.) with the brush heads. Change your brush heads every 3 months at least. Replacements are available on Amazon.com.