Sphynx Razor For Women: All-In-One Travel And Portable Womens Razor With Refillable Blades &Amp; Shave Bar (Teal)

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  • READY? SET. SHAVE! The Sphynx portable, travel razor for women lets you shave on-the-go, perfect for missed spots and quick touch-ups. The compact, discreet shape is designed for moments away from home when you realize you need a quick shave.

  • THE 3-IN-1 TRAVEL RAZOR encloses a refillable water spritzer, a pre-shave moisturizing bar, and two individual razor blades.

  • SHAVE IN 3 SIMPLE STEPS - (1) SPRAY water onto skin using water spritzer (2) LATHER skin using pre-shave bar (3) SHAVE!

  • BUY ONCE AND REFILL FOREVER - replace blades and pre-shave bar with a Refill Pack when you're ready to swap them out of your Sphynx.

  • COMPACT, CLEAN & SAFE for any bag, purse, carry-on or glove compartment. Airport-friendly (domestic and international), so you can carry it with you on flights, too!

  • Color : Teal

This just might be the razor that changes the game entirely. - Instyle Magazine

Safe to say I am never leaving home without one of these little guys ever again. - Bustle

Saving yourself from the embarrassment of forgetting to shave? Priceless. - Huffington Post


The Sphynx Portable Razor is a new, innovative gadget designed to let you shave on the go, perfect for missed spots and quick touch-ups no matter where life takes you. Each colorful, compact razor contains:

(1) one refillable water spray bottle,
(1) one moisturizing pre-shave bar, and
(2) two razor blades.

Unlike traditional razors, the Sphynx Razor is designed to be truly portable and easy to use on-the-go:

  • Comes with a refillable water spray bottle so you never have to search for a sink or bathroom when you need a quick touch up
  • The pre-shave bar is resistant to high temperatures, so you can travel with it to warm, sunny destinations. And because the pre-shave bar is packed with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter, it doubles as a moisturizer and can be rubbed into your skin when done shaving to soften and nourish your skin.
  • Includes two individual razor blades so you always have a back-up for emergencies
  • The blades and pre-shave bar are replaceable with the Sphynx Refill Pack
The Sphynx Razor is not meant to replace your at-home blades or shaving routine. It's designed for those moments away from home when you realized you need a quick shave, whether at the beach, gym, work, school, traveling, etc. Simply turn the center dial to spray, moisturize and shave!