Sio Beauty Eye &Amp; Smile Lift | Eye &Amp; Smile Anti-Wrinkle Patches 4 Week Supply | Overnight Smoothing Silicone Patches For Eye &Amp; Smile Wrinkles And Fine Lines

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  • SMOOTHS EYE & SMILE WRINKLES AND LINES OVERNIGHT: Silicone patches are worn comfortably while you sleep. Wake up to more radiant skin.

  • CLINICALLY TESTED anti-wrinkle eye & smile patches, backed by the SiO medical advisory board. Specially constructed from a custom formed medical grade silicone.

  • SiO SCIENCE: The Eye & Smile Patches combine compression and deep skin hydration to smooth away wrinkles and help prevent future wrinkles. The Eye & Smile Patches help plump and tighten skin, minimize crow's feet and fine lines and encourage collagen creation and repair, for maximum anti-aging effects.

  • DESIGNED TO SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that can be caused by aging, sun damage, and repeated facial movements.

  • PRO TIP: For most rejuvenating treatment results, use in combination with SiO NeckLift, BrowLift and SkinPads.

  • Color : Light brown, Beige

  • Size : Eye & Smile Lift (4 Pad Pack)

Here's a reason to smile: Wrinkles + Crinkles banished, in just one night! Smooth away tell-tale laugh lines and eye wrinkles whenever you catch 40 winks! SiO's comfy, medical grade silicone Eye + Smile Lift patches plump, lift and reduce the look of fine lines, crinkles and expression creases around your eyes and smile while you sleep. Put on your patches in the PM to start the AM bright-eyed and smiling wide! POTENT, MEDICAL GRADE PATCHES Target critical wrinkle-prone zones to repair and prevent the most common, telltale signs of aging (marionette lines, eye crinkles and crow's feet). COMFORTABLE COMPRESSION + HYPER-HYDRATION Equals your plumpest, smoothest skin. KICKSTARTS SKIN'S NATURAL COLLAGEN Encourage repair and help firm, lift, erase lines and wrinkles. INCREDIBLE, VISIBLE RESULTS IN 1 NIGHT! Plus, ongoing improvement over time!