Sinland Premium Microfiber Washcloth Waffle Weave Facial Cleansing Cloth Face Cloth And Body Cloths 13 Inch X 13 Inch

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  • Remove makeup, grease, oil and dead skin cells without chemicals

  • Exfoliate the skin and leaving it smooth, soft and glowing.

  • The special waffle weave cleans and exfoliates faster & better. Freshens & rejuvenates your skin with each wash.

  • Easily rinse out 99% of germs, bacteria & mold with warm water. Dries fast - inhibits mold and mildew growth

  • Safer than chemical cleaning products that may aggravate asthma & allergies. Rinse & Re-use each Cloth 100's of times

  • Color : Grey Brown

  • Size : 13Inchx13Inch

How to use our Premium Waffle Microfiber Face and Body Cloths: 1. Wet the microfiber face cloth with warm tap water. Squeeze the excess water from the cloth. 2. Exfoliate your face by gently scrubbing the skin in a circular motion. Start scrubbing from the middle of the face to the outer area for at least 90 seconds. 3. Rinse your face with cool water and pat dry it with a soft towel. 4. Remove makeup by wetting the microfiber face cloth and gently wiping it away from the face. Wash the microfiber cloth with mild soap and warm water. Warm water helps the cloth to swell so it can expel the dirt that was absorbed.