Sheba Nails Dipcrylic Glitter Dip Dipping Powder Sparkling Blue - 1Oz Jar

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  • Quantity of (1) 1oz. Dipcrylic Glitter Dipping Powder - Swatch shown is three layers over clear nail tip. Made in USA. Free of MMA.

  • From our Glitter Dip Sparkling Glitter Collection experience Glitter Dipping Powder. Check out our YouTube page for tutorial on how to use Glitter Dip Powder as application varies from traditional dip powder.

  • Application Tips: Use a separate Dipping Base for your glitter dip powder and your traditional powders. For all over coverage use minimum 3 layers of glitter dip powder. The nail may be bumpy with glitter, you only need to file or buff the entire surface of the nail smooth and apply one final layer of base before using a top seal. You can also use one layer over your favorite color to add a glitter topper effect to your nails.

  • Acrylic Dipping Powder formulated for use with our Dipcrylic Base and Dipcrylic Activator for nails free from peeling, chipping or yellowing

  • Easy brush on Dipcrylic Base and spray on Dipcrylic Activator makes application fast and accurate. Perfect for natural nails and false nail applications. Experience this odorless system - all powders are free of MMA.

Sheba Nails has a vast selection of incredible acrylic Dipping Powders. Choose from classic, cover up, nude, glitter, glow in the dark and art colors. From our Dipcrylic System we have ultra-rich acrylic Dipping Powders in traditional and color acrylic shades. Formulated to work in conjunction with our Dipcrylic Base to add strength to both natural and artificial nails. Choose from french pink and whites for a classic manicure. Try our nude, concealer shades for full coverage colors. If you are looking for something more bold then experience the ultra-rich pigmentation of our color acrylic dipping powders.