O'Douds - All Natural Solid Cologne (Bay Rum)

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  • O'Douds' Take On An American Classic. Bay Rum Centers Around The West Indian Bay Tree & Has A Depth + Warmth That Can Only Be Experienced & Is Balanced With Fresh, Inviting, And Invigorating Notes Of Eucalyptus + Citrus

  • All Natural, Handcrafted & Well-Sourced

  • Solid Easy-to-Carry Cologne

  • Paraben Free, Sulfate Free - .3 oz / 9 g

  • Made in The USA

  • Size : 1/3 oz

O'Douds started out as nothing more than a hobby performed in the kitchen of the founder's apartment. This hobby was born out of the deep passion for natural, made-by-hand, high-quality, and well-sourced goods. In an evergrowing market of questionable quality and ingredient sourcing, O'Douds was driven by a passion for transparency, truth, and function within the often misleading, claim-ridden cosmetic world. With a company that doesn't compromise when it comes to quality and is always striving to be better, one can feel assured these are the best products available and they will only continue to get better.

Top: Lime, Eucalyptus
Middle: Bay, Coriander
Bottom: Clove

Bay Rum - O'Douds' take on an American classic. Bay rum centers around the West Indian bay tree. It has a depth and warmth that can only be experienced and is balanced with fresh, inviting, and invigorating notes of eucalyptus and citrus.