Maswater Self Tanning Mitt Applicator Mitt Self Tanner Mits Self Tan Face Mit Tan Physics True Color Sunless Tanner Spray Tan Mitt Applicator Sunless Tanning Mitt Self Tanner Application Glove

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  • Reusable & Washable : Applicator glove can easily be washed out and reused again and again, superior twice lifetime than other tan applicators.

  • High quality: It's made with premium, ultra plush microfiber that glides across your skin for the most natural looking tan you've ever had. Pro Self Tanning Mitt is velvety soft on your skin.

  • Double sided & Built-liner : The tangner mitts are double sided so you can use them on either hand. The taumb area gives you extra control in keeoing the mitt right where you want it so it doesn't slip off of your hand like straight mittts tend to do . And the built-in liner also helps protect your hands during application

  • Sunscreen/Body Lotion Application and Blending : This sself tan mitt use with any sunless tanning lotion, gel, mousse or cream to easily blend a flawless, strek free tan with professional results

  • We provide 100% satisfactory services: we're absolutely confident in the quality the ultimitt and its duradility! Please feel free to contact us if you are not satisfied with any of our products for any reason.

  • Color : Self Tanning Mitt

  • Size : 1

Now lmproved Design-The best designed mitton the market!

Almost all other tanning mitts from otherbrands can slide off, are only one-sided, and are not stitched.

a new thumb design that is double sided,stitched, and WILL NOT SLIDE OFF.Highest quality stitch construction available !

Once you've tried the tanning mitt ,you'llnever go back!

% It provides a lotion free barrier whileapplying all of our products smoothly and evenly=no tan palms or coated hands!

% It cuts application time in half!

% It's Eco-friendly. Just wash and reuseagain and again!

You can use it to apply just aboutanything! Sunscreen, moisturizing lotion, night cream etc.

Once you use our tanning mitt, you'll nevergo back to ordinary gloves!

We provide 100% satisfactory services:we're absolutely confident in the quality the ultimitt and its duradility!Please feel free to contact us if you are not satisfied with any of ourproducts for any reason.

Some of you have spent hundreds of dollarsin search of the perfect tan ....But, the application is key to a natural lookingtan.

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