Lyon Lash Eyelash Extension Supplies 4X100 Packs - 100 Pairs Under Eye Gel Pads | 100 Disposable Mascara Brushes Wands | 100 Micro Applicators Brush | 100 Glue Ring Holder | 2 Medical Tapes

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  • PACKAGE INCLUDES -100 Pairs Eye Gel Patches & 100 pieces Mascara Wands Applicator /Eye Lash Brushes & 100 pieces Microswabs & 100 pieces Lash Extension Glue Rings Holders & 2 Eyelash Tapes (length is 9m).

  • 100 PCS UNDER EYE PADS/ GEL PATCHES WITH ALOE VERA & VITAMIN C - This is perfect type of lint free eyepads for lash artists during the eyelash extension. It is also perfect for facials, eyelash perming, eyelash tinting, microblading to reduce dark circle, eye puffiness, wrinkles.

  • 100 PCS MASCARA WANDS APPLICATOR & 100 PCS MICROSWABS - Eyelash brushes are awesome for separating eyelashes and de-clumping mascara before or after eyelash extensions application. Microswabs are perfect tools for removing eyelashes with the use of eyelash cream or gel remover.

  • 100 PCS EYELASH EXTENTION RINGS - Incredible tools to hold eyelash extension glue, pigment, ink, remover or lash primer during eyelash extensions and tattoo applications.

  • 2 ROLLS OF EYELASH TAPES -The white eyelash tapes are made of non-woven fabrics; They are lint free and each roll is approx. 354 inch in total length. The width is 0.5 inch.

Lyon Lash Eyelash Extension Supplies 4x100 Packs + 2 are a premium supplies kit, which include
1. 100 pairs of Lyon Lash Eyelash Extension Eyepads
2. 100 pcs of Mascara Wands
3. 100 pcs of Microswabs
4. 100 pcs od Gue Ring Holders
5. 2 rolls of Medical Grade Eyelash Tapes (354 inch each)
Lyon Lash under eye hyodrogel pads are of premium quality. The major ingredients are aloe vera and vitamin C. They are used to cover and protect bottom lashes during eyelash extensions. The shapes of the eyepads are curved to fit most eyes so you don't need to trim the pads. This eye patch gradually releases moisture and essence to your clients' eye area. As it is lint-free, there are no stray strands of lint or fiber to spoil the look of your eyelash extensions.Lyon Lash masacra eyelashes brushes are professional makeup tool, which can comb the eyelashes. Work well on eyelash extensions or even fake lashes. Perfect for separating eyelashes during eyelash extensions. These eyelash mascara brushes are suitable for professional beauty salon and personal home use.
Use Micro Swabs with Gel Adhesive Remover, Pre-Treatment, Liquid Protein Remover. Great to use when you only need to apply small amount.Lyon Lash makeup rings holders are the best to use for holding glue, pigment, ink, remover or lash primer during application of eyelash extensions and tattoo applications. Just simply put the ring on your less dominant hand & dispense a drop into the well. The finger ring diameter is adjustable, fit for most fingers, convenient to use. They are fit tightly, no need to worry that the glue will spill. They are easy to clean and reuse again and makes the eyelash application much easier. The Lyon Lash adhesive tapes are made of non-woven lint-free fabrics. Perfect for holds down the lower lashes that you can't cover with the under gel patches, while doesn't hurt when removing from your client's skin.