Luxury Hypoallergenic Hard Wax Beans - Hair Removal For Sensitive Skin. Coconut Waxing Beads With Soothing Creamy Rosin Free Premium Ingredients - Australian Manufactured By Hyposia

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  • 👍 Searching for the Perfect Wax? Confused by all the Choices Out There? Before You Choose, Look Out For the Following Signs of a Quality Wax. Wax Should Never Have a Chemical Smell (a sign of inferior ingredients) Should Never be Hot on the Skin, Should Not be Stringy and Should Never Cause Rashes. Hyposia is Guaranteed to have a Soft Delicious Scent, is a Low Temperature Wax, and is Extremely Gentle on Skin.

  • 🇦🇺 Silkadia By Hyposia is Manufactured in Australia Because We Only Accept the Highest Quality Standards. Using Advanced Premium Hypoallergenic Ingredients We Back our Wax With a 100% Money Back Guarantee. You Will Understand Why Hyposia is The Brand That is Preferred by Cosmetologists and Beauty Professionals Worldwide.

  • 🌲 DID YOU KNOW THAT 75% OF WAX IS MADE OF ROSIN? Natural Rosin is Plant Based - it is Known to Cause Allergic Reactions. Since it is Highly Allergenic Hyposia Uses Premium Synthetic Rosin Which is Oil Based, It is Excellent for Sensitive Skin, Plus its Much More Flexible and Pliable So it's Easier for the Esthetician to Work With.

  • 👙 Place the Hard Wax Beads in a Wax Warmer at a Low Temperature Setting. The Wax is Ready as Soon as it Begins to Melt. The Lower Temperature Melting Point Makes the Wax Very Comfortable to Use. Creamy Titanium Dioxide Reduces Redness. A Favorite for the Following Applications - Brazillion Bikini Wax, Underarms, Male Chest Wax, Facial Hair Removal ex. Eyebrow and Lip Wax. Unisex Wax for Men and Woman, Ideal for Fine and Coarse Hair. Silkadia is Essential for a Professional Waxing Kit.

  • 🙂 Honesty is our Best Policy. We Won't Promise You Sketchy Claims of Painless Hair Removal Since Effectively Removes Hair. (We Recommend Avoiding so Called Painless Wax ) Compared to Wax Strips and other Hard Wax Beans, Silkadia as as Painless as Possible. Being Non Rosin, this Wax is Not Sticky and Brittle, it Removes Cleanly and Easily Because it Grips Hair in a Shrink Wrap and Hardens Without Sticking to Skin. The Result? Smooth Silky Skin and Happy Clients That Return Again and Again!

  • Color : 2 Pack

  • Size : 21 oz

2 pack luxury premium waxing beads, made in Australia with the finest ingredients. Ultra creamy formulated with Titanium Dioxide and premium hypoallergenic oil based Rosin. Much gentler on skin that plant based irritating Rosin, the main ingredient in other hair removal wax. Ideal for intimate waxing, underarms and face. The preferred wax by beauty professionals and cosmetologists worldwide, now available in the USA