Lash'D Up Magnetic Eyelashes Full Eyes Natural Look Grade A+ Silk [No Glue] Child Cancer Partner 2 Magnets Reusable False Lashes | I Woke Up This Way

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  • NO WORM IN EYE FEELING - The 2 magnet strips clip in each corner under your eyelashes, securing the top lash in place. This makes application easier compared to other magnetic eyelashes. There is no strip underneath your lashes in the middle section. This eliminates the worm in eye feeling since there is no strip in your eyesight and makes for a more comfortable wear.

  • STRONG MAGNETS - Exude confidence knowing your lashes will stay put all day (and night) long but at the same time will stay gentle on your natural eyelashes!

  • UNIVERSAL LASHLINE FIT - 1-4 mm of trimmable edges allows eyelashes to fit all eye sizes while keeping edges down

  • 30-Day WORRY-FREE GUARANTEE - Order them today and enjoy our worry-free guarantee. If you are unhappy with your purchase, we will refund your money.

  • What's in the box: 1 Pair (both eyes) of i woke up this way 2-magnets magnetic eyelashes.


🔥 The bottom lashes are magnetized underneath the top lashes in the packaging. They are not missing.

🔥 Please see instructions card inside Lash'd Up packaging.The scannable QR barcode on this card will take you to the official instructions page.These instructions are very important and useful.

🔥 Be careful of where you are applying your lashes. Like anything small, they can easily be lost, especially near drains. If you are worried about losing them, we recommend getting our 3-magnet lashes since they have 6 bottom pieces.

If you cannot access the instructions, please email us directly and we will send you a copy.


LASH'D UP is a startup which recognized the potential magnetic eyelashes have as well as the flaws the ones being sold by other brands had. We decided to take feedback from fans to redesign magnetic eyelashes from scratch and bring the best out of this amazing alternative to glue eyelashes - for those who are allergic to glue, for those who dislike the mess glue creates or for those who want eyelashes that are reusable and cost-effective. LASH'D UP also supports children affected by cancer.