Infinity Hair Fibers, Grey, 30G

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  • Infinity Hair Fibers Grey for Thinning Hair for Women & Men provide the appearance of Thicker, Fuller Hair in 30 seconds or less

  • Color Choice: match your root color of your hair or a little bit dark. After applying the fibers, spray with the Infinity Fiber Locking Spray

  • Apply the hair fibers to the thin area, Spray the Infinity Hair Fiber Spray to water proof and seal the fibers into place until your next shampoo

  • Infinity Hair Building Fibers Grey is an Instant Solution for Balding or Thin Hair because of Alopecia Areata, Hair Loss, Excessive Styling

  • Infinity hair loss concealer provides you the hair loss solutions for troubled thinning areas, or temporarily conceal larger bald spots.

  • Color : Grey

  • Size : 28 gram

Infinity Hair Fibers, for Women & Men, provides the Appearance of Thicker, Fuller Hair in 30 seconds or less. Infinity does not grow hair it only conceals that thinning and balding areas. It is effective, easy and cost efficient.

So how do Infinity Hair Fibers work? The micro hair fibers use static electricity and become electrostatically charged as theyre shaken or applied with the Infinity Hair Fiber Pump Applicator onto the thinning areas.

This strong charge ensures your Infinity Hair Fibers bond to your hair all day through wind, light rain and exercise. We recommend you also use Infinity Fiber Locking Spray to make them waterproof.

The fibers staying in place from shampoo to shampoo. The colorants are locked inside of the fibers to that means that fibers dont run, stain or leave marks