Gel Nail Polish Base &Amp; Top Coat Kit (2 X 0.5 Oz / 15 Ml), High Gloss, Long Lasting Formula, Soak Off, Uv &Amp; Led Light Compatible, Professional Formula, Made In Usa, Gel Nail Polish By Cacee

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  • 14-DAY HIGH GLOSS SHINE - Hello! That's a statement when you can keep your nails that glossy for that long. UV / LED compatible. GP Gel Base Coat & Topcoat is STRONG with a high-gloss MIRROR finish. There's absolutely nothing like it!

  • Calling all ladies! Find your best friend in the most fantastic gel colors available. Our team of gals is strong with over 160 gel nail polish colors, all named after the ladies who inspire us - our best friends! Matching color story to BFE Nail Lacquer (short for Best Friends Ever). Can we be friends already?! UV / LED Compatible.

  • Ultra High Quality Professional Gel Nail Polish Lacquer system found in professional salons worldwide.

  • Better than 3-Free, our polish is 5-Free: No DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor or Formaldehyde. Vegan, never tested on animals and totally cruelty free.

  • Favorite gel nail polish for celebrities, professional manicurists and nail color fans worldwide. We totally believe in our products so if you feel this friendship isnt working out, contact us for exchanges anytime! Friends dont keep secrets.

  • Color : Top & Base Kit

  • Size : 0.5 oz

GP Gel Base & Topcoat are some of Cacees best selling product and a favorite among salon professionals. The products yield a medium viscosity for easy work-ability, functional for both nail professionals and gel polish beginners. Formulated with quality ingredients to lock in vibrant color and protect from chipping, fading, and peeling. While it seals and extends the life of your manicure, it is simple enough to soak off. Features impeccable high-gloss shine for a wet, just-polished manicure up to two weeks. APPLICATION PROCESS: 1. After applying GP Thin Base Coat cure in a UV / LED nail lamp. 2. Select your favorite shade of polish, apply to nails aboiving cutcles, & cure. 3. Apply a generous amount of GP Topcoat for maximum shine. UV light: cure for 1 minute LED light: cure for 30-45 seconds 4. Use rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth to remove any tacky residue from the nail. REMOVAL PROCESS: GP Gel Topcoat features easy soak-off removal. Carefully buff the surface of the set of nails to create a textured foundation. Soak nails in acetone for 10-12 minutes. When the product has lifted, gently scrape away the gel with a cuticle pusher, being sure not to damage the natural nail beneath. *NOTE: When removed properly, gel polish will not damage the natural nail but can promote growth and durability.*