Eucalyptus Essential Oil (10Ml)

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  • EXCEPTIONAL AROMA - Livana Natural Single Essential Oil scents are derived from all-natural sources and provide only the exceptional fragrance that you expect in a premium oil.

  • SINGLE SCENTS - Eucalyptus is one of over 50 Single Scents offered by Livana. Our essential oils are also available as Signature Blends, salted bath soaks and humidifier-friendly Safe Scents.

  • EASY TO USE - Simply add a few drops to your diffuser to fill your room with the fresh aroma of this fragrant essential oil. You can also mix a few drops with your favorite carrier oils to create special scented blends.

  • MADE IN USA - Each of our Livana Natural products is manufactured solely in the United States using the only the highest quality ingredients.

  • 100% Livana SATISFACTION GUARANTEE if not completely satisfied with your purchase.

  • Size : 10 ml

Collected from the Eucalyptus leaf, this essential oil is a must have during cold a flu season. The woody, pungent aroma has antibacterial properties and helps to open the resperatory tract, helping you breathe easier. Use it in diffusers and as an ingredient in your favorite massage oil to derive the full benefit of its fragrance.