Baxter Manor 1969 #Ourhistorycollection Candle

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  • Ingredients include: Patchouli, Bergamot and Sandalwood

  • Artisan candles are individually hand poured one-at-a-time in our Los Angeles studio

  • 100% soy wax from local U.S. farmers with refined essential and fragrance oils

  • Lead & zinc free 100% cotton wicks, and every luxurious ingredient is non-toxic and phthalate free

  • Approximate burn time 60-70 hours

  • Color : White

1969 #OurHistoryCollection Candle ingredients include: Patchouli, Bergamot and Sandalwood.

In this year of our LGBTQ+ history, momentum was growing from the Black Cat Demonstration, and when Police raided the Stonewall Inn in New York City on June 28, 1969, sustained protests and demonstrations immediately begin. These events are widely considered to be the tipping point for the gay rights movement and the organized fight for the LGBT community in the United States. This year also saw national distribution for The Advocate Magazine. It is the oldest continuing LGBT publication, originally published by the activist group Personal Rights in Defense and Education (PRIDE), as a local newsletter named Advocate in Los Angeles.

Containers can be reused and are available in black (with black wax) or white (with natural wax) and includes a silver top
Made in the USA

Dimensions: Glass Tumbler: 3.37 H x 3.19 W

#OurHistoryCollection is a project designed to give back. Each candle in the line represents an important year in LGBTQ+ History. As with all Baxter Manor Candles, this collection is created with the best ingredients we could find. Plus we are doing something a bit different, more labor intensive (a labor of love)... each candle is individually produced - one-at-a-time. This is to ensure the very best quality. We continue to use 100% Vegetable Wax (soy wax that is sustainably grown locally here in the U.S.), and our fragrances are phthalate free and non-toxic, which produce a candle that smells amazing and lasts a really long time.

10% of all #OurHistoryCollection will go to The Trevor Project - because we want to support the history our next generation will make!