Bath Exfoliating Shower Gloves Health Set! 3 Scrubber Exfoliation Dry Spa Mitts Kit: Remove Dead Skin And Make Your Body Soft With Thick Bamboo Loofah, Medium Sisal &Amp; Thick Jute. Back, Neck &Amp; Face Use

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  • LOOK FRESH AND RADIANT - SUPERIOR SKIN EXFOLIATION FOR THE GLOW OF YOUTHFUL EXUBERANCE: Each Thermalabs' Wash Glove provides your skin with invigorating, yet gentle exfoliation that cleans your skin from the surface to the base level. Exfoliating is proven effective at treating many unwanted skin conditions such as acne, blackheads, eczema, wrinkles, lines and age spots. Use our Scrubber Gloves on your face and body to combat the effects of air pollution, aging, over tanning and stress

  • UNLIKE OTHER EXFOLIATING GLOVES THAT BREAK BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO THIN, SCRATCH, AND ARE WAY TOO SMALL, Thermalabs Eco Friendly Exfoliation Gloves are made of thick, durable materials that won't tear or break. These are mitts that won't slip off and are form-fitted not to squeeze your hands. Our set includes 3 gloves with different textures to really get the job done right. Choose the one that removes dead skin cells and dirt without scratching your skin or being too soft to work

  • CHOOSE THE RIGHT MITT FOR THE JOB - 3 TEXTURE TYPES FOR DIFFERENT SKIN: Our set features 3 different exfoliator scrubber cloth mitts, allowing you to choose the right texture that works best for your skin type. Our set includes: Natural Sisal Fiber Glove, Loofah Glove, and Jute Glove. The advantage? Each scrubbing glove is specifically designed to exfoliate in different ways. To guarantee you'll get professional results, we're including a copy of our Thermalabs' Guide

  • EVERYONE CAN HAVE BEAUTIFUL, HEALTHY SKIN, WITHOUT HARMING YOUR HEALTH OR THE ENVIRONMENT: Thermalabs Body Exfoliating Gloves are made with natural fibers, safe for you and for the environment. Unlike other products, our Mitts remove dirt and dead skin perfectly without causing irritation whether you have regular, oily, dry or sensitive skin. Use daily while bathing in the shower on your neck, legs, back and body for a cleansing and relaxing massage that works the stress away

  • UNIQUE BONUS FINGER EXFOLIATOR TO TREAT THOSE SENSITIVE AREAS: When exfoliating your skin, you want to treat each area equally, but there are a few spots where the mitt might be too abrasive and cause irritations. For those areas, we've designed the finger exfoliator - a small finger-fitting exfoliating mitt, made of a gentler material that's perfect for those sensitive spots on your face. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE WITH OUR EXCLUSIVE 1 YEAR WARRANTY

Bring the spa home with the best addition to your bath!

Regular high-performance exfoliation with Thermalabs Eco Friendly Exfoliating Gloves revives dull, dry and flaky skin, improves blood circulation to the skin, and removes residual dirt.

By adding exfoliation with these wonderful mitts will not only give your skin an amazing silky feel but will also treat almost any skin condition you can think of:
Acne, blackheads, dry skin, eczemas, fine lines, cellulite, age spots, ingrown hair and many more.

The Bamboo Fiber and Loofah, Jute and Sisal Mitts will help you exfoliate to reveal fresh skin cells, removes dead cells from pores making them appear smaller, and scrub your skin the way YOU want it, each in it's own natural and phenomenal way.

Each texture provides a whole different exfoliating experience and can provide the results YOU want for your skin, in order to keep it young and beautiful.

Naturally Remove Dead Skin Cells
Unclog Pores
Stimulate the Circulation of Your Blood
Reduce the Growth of Body Hair
Make Your Skin Smoother and Healthier

Thermalabs scrubbing mitts are perfect for any type of skin, including sensitive skin. We use nothing but the most premium natural eco-friendly materials to provide you with the most exclusive and premium exfoliating mitts available. We promise you will love your new set of natural exfoliating mitts and we encourage you to hit the BUY button as soon as possible while supply lasts to enjoy this amazing set!

Get ready to look your very best and feel wonderful!