6-Pcs Replacement Classic Jet Tips For Waterpik Water Flossers And Other Brand Oral Irrigators

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  • Fit models: WP-100 WP-100W, WP-660, WP-662, WP-112, WP-462, WP-670, WP-672, WP-676, WP-250, WP-260, WP-300, WP-360, WP-440, WP-450, WP-560, WP-563, WP-900, WP-940, WP-950, WP-952, WF-02, WF-03, DS-600W, VA-EB006

  • Compatible with most WaterPik water flossers and other brand oral irrigators including: The Ultra Water Flosser, Kids Water Flosser, The Traveler, Cordless Freedom, Cordless Professional, Cordless Plus, Showerpik, Aquarius Professional, Complete Care, and all Designer Series Water Flossers

  • Replace tips every 1-3 months due to your usage frequncy

  • Package include: 6PCS x Classic Jet Tips

  • 100% High Quality Guaranteed !!! If not satisfied 30 days Money Back!

  • Color : multi

Package included:
6 pcs Classic Jet Tips: for general use. Cleans deep between teeth and below the gumline.

Compatible with:
WF-02, WF-03 - Cordless Express Water Flosser
WP-100, WP-112, WP-100W - Ultra Water Flosser
WP-260 - Water Flosser For Kids
WP-300 - Traveler Water Flosser
WP-440 - Cordless Professional Water Flosser
WP-450 - Cordless Plus Water Flosser
WP-462 - Cordless Plus Water Flosser
WP-560, WP-562, WP-563, WP-565 - White Cordless Advanced Water Flosser
WP-660 - Aquarius Professional Water Flosser
WP-670, WP-672, WP-674, WP-676 - Aquarius Professional Designer Series Water Flosser
WP-861W, WP-862W - Waterpik Complete Care 5.0
WP-900 - Waterpik Complete Care
WP-950, WP-952 - Waterpik Complete Care 7.0
Other Brand Water Irrigators: DS-600W, VA-EB006, WF-700