40 Taconic Shave Triple Blade Cartridges (10 X 4), Compatible With All Gillette Sensor And Personna Triflexx Razor Handles, Made In The Usa

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  • Compatible with all Gillette Sensor and Personna Triflexx Razor Handles

  • Three Flexing blades aligned with precision deliver a comfortable and close shave

  • Blade edges are coated to ensure smooth shaves and long blade life

  • 40 Taconic Shave Triple Blade Razor Cartridges - For all Gillette Sensor and Personna Tri-flexxx Razors

Taconic Shave's triple blade cartridges are fully compatible with all Gillette Sensor model razor handles including Sensor, Sensor Excel and Sensor 3. These premium blades are manufactured in the USA. The blade edges flex to the contour of your face, providing a smooth. The blades are coated for for comfort. Each blade has a lubricating strip which is infused with Aloe and Vitamin E. Contains 10 dispensers with 4 blades per dispenser for 40 blades