14 Bath Bombs By Jhaz Soaps: Bubble Bath, Lush Bath Experience, Bath Bombs For Kids, Non Staining, Relaxing And Moisturizing Ingredients, Made In The Usa

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  • A UNIQUE BATHING EXPERIENCE:Doyou want to enjoy a spa experience at home? Then fill your bath tub with water and grab these colorful bath bombs! The magical colors and intoxicating fragrances will help you relax and enjoy your hot bath. You don'thave to pay a fortune to have luxury!

  • PREMIUM QUALITY INGREDIENTS:Made with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, these fizzy bath bombs will leave your skin soft, hydrated and beautifully scented! Jhaz Soaps has used nothing less than premium quality ingredients to ensure that our bath bombs aregentle and beneficial for your sensitive skin.

  • THERE WON'T BE BATH TUB STAINS:Did the last bath bomb you used leave color stains on your bathtubthat were hard to remove? This will never happen if you use these amazing color bombs! Thanks to the high quality colors that we use, once you drain and rinseyour bathtub, it will be clean and shiny!

  • A 100% CRUELTY FREEFORMULA:Here at Bath bomb depot, we take pride in manufacturing great quality bath bombs with 100% cruelty free methods! At the same time, our bubble bath bombs are kid-friendly, so don't be afraid to let your kid use one next time they take a bath.

  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA:All of the bath bomb depot bath bombs are made in an American based facility, using carefully picked and tested ingredients. In other words, when buying or bath bomb set for you or for a friend, you can rest assured that this is the safest and most trustworthy choice.

Bath Bombs Are Truly Mesmerizing! Get 14 (2.75 oz.) Assorted Bath Fizzies now!

Have you seen those amazing bath bomb pictures and videos online? All those beauty gurus and models seem to have so much fun during their bath!

You can live such a luxurious experience yourself, with the Bath Bomb Depot fizzy bath bombs with the beautiful colors.

Once you throw a bath bomb into your filled bathtub, colorful bubbles will appear in the water, and the bathroom air will be filled with the most wonderful scents!

Your SkinAnd Your Bathtub Will Be In Excellent Condition!

Did you enjoy your relaxing bath with the colorful fizzy bath bombs? Now it's time to drain the bathtub and rinse your body.

Thanks to hydrating and nourishing ingredients of the bath bomb, your skin will be silky soft and moisturized.

As for your bathtub, it will be as clean as you, and these will be ZERO stains on it. You can thank us later!

We Make Our Bath Bombs In The USA!

Bath Bomb Depot is one of the biggest manufacturers of bath bombs in the United States, and we use the best quality ingredients and cruelty free methods.

This means that we don't test our products on animals, and we don't use any harsh chemicals or unknown and unsafe ingredients.

So take our bath bomb set and use it without fear! Even your kids can use these colorful bath bombs! You can trust us.

The Ultimate Gift For Any Woman!

Surprise any woman in your life, regardless of her age, with this colorful and scented bath bomb set and be sure that they won't be disappointed!

Besides, who wouldn't want to have a spa experience at home, without having to spend a fortune?

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