Vollence B Cup 600 G Silicone Breast Forms Fake Breast For Mastectomy Patient,Realistic Feel For Transwomen, Prosthesis Mastectomy,Transgender Individuals, Cosplay

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  • Cup B size,600g/Pair. Dimensions(L-W-H): 5.9*4.3*2inch. Package included:1 pair silicone breast forms,Privacy Box:Special box is avalible to protect privacy.

  • Material:100% high quality hypoallergenic medical grade silicone Gel,touch very soft and feeling as same as real.

  • Widely Application: Designed as enhancers for women with flat chest or uneven cup size for a fabulous shape and perfect suitable for crossdresser, transgender, mastectomy patients, Cosplay, custom or just for fun.

  • Authentic Visual :The contour of silicone breast is perfectly waterdrop shaped edge which is gives you a ultra-smooth appearance and authentic visual effect.

  • Warm Notice: 1.The product is not Self-adhesive Silicone Breast Forms,2.We offer full-size (A to Super Huge size) silicone breast forms, we found that some of breast forms were returned because the size is not suitable for themselves.To avoid this, please kindly refer to the size chart on the picture for details.

  • Color : Nude Color

  • Size : Cup B,600g/Pair,L-W-H: 5.9*4.3*2 in

Specifications :

Cup Size:Suit for A Cup to Super Huge size (just for reference)


Cup A size,500g/Pair. Dimensions(L-W-H): 5.7*4.1*1.9 inch.
Cup B size,600g/Pair. Dimensions(L-W-H): 5.9*4.3*2 inch.
Cup C size,800g/Pair. Dimensions(L-W-H): 6.1*4.5*2.1inch
Cup D size,1000g/Pair. Dimensions(L-W-H): 6.3*4.7*2.3 inch
Cup DD size,1200g/Pair. Dimensions(L-W-H): 6.5*4.9*2.4 inch
Cup E size,1400g/Pair. Dimensions(L-W-H): 6.7*5.1*2.6 inch
Cup EE size,1600g/Pair. Dimensions(L-W-H): 6.9*5.3*2.8 inch
Cup F size,1800g/Pair. Dimensions(L-W-H): 7.1*5.5*3 inch
Cup FF,2000g/Pair,Dimensions(L-W-H): 7.5*5.7*3.1 inch
Cup G,2400g/Pair,Dimensions(L-W-H):7.9*5.9*3.3 inch
Cup GG size,2800g/Pair. Dimensions(L-W-H): 8.3*6.3*3.9 inch
Cup H ,3200g/Pair,Dimensions(L-W-H):8.7*6.6*4.3 inch
Cup HH,3600g/Pair,Dimensions(L-W-H):9.1*6.9*4.5 inch
Cup I ,4100g/Pair,Dimensions(L-W-H):9.4*7.1*4.7 inch
Cup J ,4600g/Pair,Dimensions(L-W-H):9.8*7.4*4.9 inch
Cup K,5000g/Pair,Dimensions(L-W-H):10.2*7.7*5.1 inch
Cup KK size,6000g/Pair. Dimensions(L-W-H): 10.6*8.3*5.5 inch
Cup Huge,10000g/Pair,Dimensions(L-W-H):11*9.4*5.9 inch
Cup Super Huge,12000g/Pair,Dimensions(L-W-H):11.4*9.8*6.3 inch

Package included:
1 pair silicone breast forms.

Application :
1,For people who want dramatic increase in bust size without the cost and risk of surgery
2,For cross dresser
3,For people who had mastectomy as breast replacement to restore lost curves(depending on the
type of surgery you had, these forms may not fit all patients post mastectomy)
4,For special occasion-wear under costumes, evening gowns, wedding dress, PROM dress, etc. 5,For Gay

Please choose the right size that fit you,if you have any questions,feel free to contact us at any time.