Lavender Lace Under Scarf Headband (Hijab Accessory)

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  • One size fits all

  • Quality material

  • Textured lace headband is lovely and useful to prevent hijab from slipping

  • Lace patterns and exact color may vary from picture

  • Color : lavender

  • Size : one size

This lovely lavender lace under scarf is worn below a hijab or niqab head covering. It is made of a stretchy lace fabric that pulls your hair back and provides coverage of your forehead. The textured lace headband is very useful to prevent hijab from slipping. Mix and match colors with your scarf for a fashionable and coordinated look. Lace patterns may vary, the picture above is for example only. Color may also vary somewhat from picture due to different lighting and display conditions. Check out our other listings for other colors.