Morning Dew Signature Essential Oil Safe Scent Blend By Livana, 30Ml, Humidifier-Safe Formulation For Aromatherapy

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  • HUMIDIFIER SAFE - Livana Natural Safe Scents are formulated to be safely used in humidifiers without fear of damage. Each releases a wonderful blend of soothing essential oils into your surroundings.

  • SIGNATURE BLENDS - Morning Dew Signature Essential Oil Safe Scent Blend is one of 27 Signature Blend Safe Scents offered by Livana. Each offers a handcrafted blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils. Our Signature Blends are also available in bath soaks and in full diffuser strength.

  • EASY TO USE - Simply add 2-4 drops to your favorite humidifier. You can adjust the amount to your personal tastes.

  • MADE IN USA - Each of our Livana Natural products is manufactured solely in the United States using the only the highest quality ingredients.

  • 100% Livana SATISFACTION GUARANTEE if not completely satisfied with your purchase.

Morning Dew

Find the morning focus you need with this uplifting blend of essential oils. Morning Dew offers the aroma of a crisp, cool morning to help you hit the ground running, leaving you refreshed, full of energy and ready to take on whatever the day may hold.

Each of our Livana Natural Safe Scent Signature Blends contains only the all-natural, therapeutic-grade fragrances you expect, specially formulated for humidifier use. Our extensive collection includes all of your favorite floral, wood, herbal, mint, spice and citrus extracts, blended together to create wonderful aromatic atmospheres to soothe, relax and revitalize your senses.

Now you can enjoy all of our Signature Blends in your home humidifier without fear of damage that can occur from regular essential oils. Simply add a few drops (2-4), then adjust for your own personal taste. Be sure to check out all of our Safe Scents Signature Blends, also available in diffusor strength, and as soothing body and foot soaks. Choose Livana and nurture your body, mind and spirit today.