Geomar Thalasso Body Scrub 21.1Oz / 600G (Remodeling) With Marine Sale And Coffee Powder

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  • MARINE SALT, POWDER COFFEE, VOLCANIC SAND: renew the skin thanks to the exfoliating action

  • PHYTOEXTRACT OF GREEN COFFEE AND GUARANA: help to stimulate the microcirculation.

  • PHYTOEXTRACT OF CAPSICO: helps to improve the circulation carring out a draining action

  • OLIGO ELEMENTS OF DEAD SEA: restore brightness and elasticity of the skin.

GEOMAR Remodelling Thalasso Scrub is an exfoliating product that helps to renew gently the skin and it smoothes the skin thickening for a more uniform skin. The Argan Oil and the Karit Butter provide an intense nourishing and emollient action for a more hydrated skin and a pleasant silk effect . Thalasso scrub makes the skin more receptive to follow-up beauty treatments favouring their penetration in the tissues and maximizing their results. We suggest to use it with GEOMAR Ocean Seaweed Mud or Creams against the unsightly sings of Cellulite for a valid and complete remodelling body treatment. Skin appears smooth, soft and hydrated. A constant use, thanks to the synergetic action of the massage together with the exfoliating elements and phytoextracts present, allows to smooth the skin imperfections, minimizing the wrinkles and helps to stimulate the microcirculation for a remodelled body. During the application, relaxing and enveloping vanilla and amber notes release, for an intense psychophysical well-being. Before each use, blend the salt and oil with the spatula to obtain a homogeneous consistency and color. The inhomogeneity of the product is due to the natural ingredients inside the formula. Once mixed apply the product on wet skin of the body and massage in a circular direction from the bottom to upwards. Leave it on for few minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water only, without use detergents, until the complete removal of the product. we recommended to use the product 1/2 times per week.The products contains oils that can make the shower slippery. Do not use on injured or sore skin. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water. Intended for cosmetic and not therapeutic use. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED. For external use only.